My name is Anna. I come from Germany, but have been living and working in my beloved Graz for almost 20 years now.

PR and Fundraising is my professional homeland. Here I know what I am doing. And I love it! Communication is everywhere!

With my studies of Content Strategy I have embarked on an exciting journey into a new world called "the Web".



Hi, my name is Sanja, I come from the Croatian west coast, so sunny weather and wavy sea are part of my everyday life. Since I have a professional background in fine arts and design, cultural and creative sectors are fields of my work and interest. My 3 hashtags would be arts, quality communication and collaboration. In the role of a Content Strategy student, I am eager to acquire new knowledge and share my knowledge and insights with others.

SAnna Content Strategy

We are two colleagues from the  COS 19 study, Anna & Sanja. We would like to introduce ourselves and share our thoughts and reflections on new learnings in the field of Content Strategy. We hope that our blog can be interesting and useful for you, whether you have some knowledge of the field or have never before heard about the term Content Strategy.