Anna · 07. October 2020
Insights of a speech by Erika Hall on applied research. Put your assumptions to the test and meet real-world needs with your products and services.
Anna · 01. September 2020
The development of web design - timeline
There has been a long and complicated timeline of different attempts to do page layout and graphic design on the web. This struggle results from the ongoing conflict between the desire for great layout versus the need of clear code. Designers figured out step by step that they cannot pretend the web is print. Instead of trying to implement techniques from print into web layout, they must go with the web, follow its rules, design with and in it. With the introduction of CSS a web-design-star was...
Anna · 18. May 2020
First puzzle pieces of a big Content Strategy Picture
What is Content Strategy? My try to explain it. Thoughts on the role of a Content Strategist